curriculum 10


At Rawdat al-Quran al-Kareem, learning is through understanding. Our endeavor is to initiate scholastic progression through vibrant and dynamic teaching methodologies based on thematic instruction, wherein every learner becomes a keen and enthusiastic partaker in the learning process. In simple words, a theme acts as "conceptual glue" for the learners, providing an environment that fosters and encourages process learning and active involvement of all learners. Learners learn through different modes, styles and multiple intelligences.

The Theme or Central idea is derived from al-Quran, which acts as a pivot of Learning Centre, connecting knowledge of all disciplines into a bigger picture.

The curriculum designed is such that it provides ‘hands on’, minds-on’ activities to help our learners apply what they are learning, employ technology tools to explore ideas, engage in simulations, invoke critical thinking, decision making and thus promoting self direction, self sufficiency and team work. The curriculum also extends beyond the classroom, connecting the home, neighborhood and environment in meaningful ways.

The learners are evaluated using authentic assessments that require them to apply what they understand in new ways.

Our approach is based on a proven study that a learner’s psychomotor, affective and cognitive skills can be improved through thematic teaching approach, ultimately culminating into a holistic development of each and every learner.

Rawdat al-Quran al-Kareem School embraces various activities that are intended to uphold the personal and social development of our young learners.

Our sports programme ensures that our young learners are exposed to all the essential physical skills to aid them to become promising sportspersons.

Our Field trips and Art programme provides creative experiences to our young learners, giving them a platform to observe, construe and express themselves freely.


Rawdat al-Quran al-Kareem is affiliated to the Edexcel Board, UK.

Edexcel, formerly known as London Examinations, is the largest awarding board in the UK of academic and vocational qualifications. Edexcel is a part of the Pearson Group.

Rawdat al-Quran al-Kareem will incorporate all the required learning objectives and methodologies specified in the Edexcel International Primary and Secondary Curriculum into our ‘in-house’ curriculum in such a manner that the age specific skills of our learners will not only be at par but beyond other schools in the Country, Inshallah.

Our learners will also appear for externally marked achievement tests and certification at the end of Grade 5 and Grade 8 to ease the transition into Secondary and IGCSE education.

Our teachers too will get regular training by qualified personnel of the Edexcel Board for successful implementation of the curriculum.