faq 10


  • What is the vision and objective of the School?

Our vision is that students in all walks of life will perceive in the light of al-Quran al-Kareem. For a detailed insight into our vision and objectives, please refer to the brochure.

· What are the criteria for admission in al-Ebtedaee (Junior KG)?

The criteria for admission into al-Ebtedaee (Junior KG) are: The child should be 4 years and above and has memorized 6 Surahs (from Surat al-Hamd till Surah al-Nasr).

· Do students have to start at Junior KG, or do you take admissions in the upper classes?

Children can secure admission in our school only in al-Ebtedaee (Junior KG).

· What is the admission procedure in the school?

You will find all the details in the Admission Kit, available at the reception desk of the school.

· What are the documents required to be submitted for admission?

Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Photographs, Proof of Residence, Report Card of the last school attended and a duly filled in Admission form.

· Within how many days will we be intimated about our child securing admission into your school?

You will be intimated within three weeks after the date of interview whether your child has secured admission in our school.

· What are the school timings for the Pre-Primary Section?

The school timings for the Pre-Primary Section are as follows:

al-Ebtedaee (Junior KG) 9:00 am - 1:30 pm Monday to Friday,

al-Tamheedi (Senior KG) 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday to Friday.

al-Awwalah (Grade 1) 8:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday to Friday.

al-Saniyah (Grade 2) 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday to Friday.

al-Salesah (Grade 3) 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday to Friday.

· What is the curriculum taught? Which board will it follow?

The curriculum designed revolves around al-Quran al-Kareem and all the knowledge that branches from it. All the vital concepts, essential for a particular age group, that need to be acquired have been incorporated into the curriculum. The in-house curriculum so designed incorporates all the learning objectives specified by the Edexcel Board to which Rawdat al-Quran al-Kareem is affiliated to.

· Will Hifz al-Quran be included during school hours?

The Hifz programme is integrated into the weekly time table of the school.

· Is this a full time school? Or is it a part time deeni center for Memorizing al-Quran?

This is a regular school and will function according to regular school schedules.

· What’s the tuition fee?

The details of the tuition fees and extracurricular activities will be given at the time of Parent's orientation and interview.

· What will the student to teacher ratio be? How many children are there in a class?

The Teacher student ratio is 2:16 with 16 children in a class. The teacher student ratio for al-Tahfeez (memorization of al-Quran) is 1:1.

· Which language will be the medium of instruction? Will it only be an “all-arabic / dawat ni zaban” environment?

Arabi and English are the two main languages as medium of instruction. Equal importance will be given to the development of Arabi, English and Lisan al-Dawat language skills emphasizing on correct pronunciation, diction and accent.

· What will the school’s calendar be like? Will all the religious events be given a holiday?

The school calendar is from June to April. The holidays will be declared as deemed appropriate by the Management.

· Will there be any extra language besides Hindi, English and Arabic, be taught?

The language development of our students will be our major concern and we will provide the best learning experiences and activities to develop Arabi, English, Hindi and Lisan al-Dawat.

· When does the academic year start?

Our academic year is from June to April, consisting of two terms.

· Will there be any summer camp or workshop activity center during the summer for those who don’t enroll on a permanent basis?

This is a regular school and will function according to regular school schedules, with April and May as summer holidays.

· What is the faculty made of? What will be the qualifications of the Staff?

The faculty includes skilled and experienced teachers for al-Quran, Dirasat and English subjects. Al-Tahfeez teachers will be mainly certified Huffaz from Mahad al-Zahra, Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah with minimum 3 years of teaching experience. Other teachers will be qualified with an ECC/ B.Ed degree to teach at pre primary /primary level respectively with minimum 3 years of teaching experience.

· Will the students get the opportunity to take part in any events across other schools? (Academic/ Athletic)

Inshaallah, we will endeavor to build cordial relationships with schools in our vicinity and also seek affiliations to various sport and cultural clubs. Thus, we will provide a platform for our students to interact with the society through various edu-cultural activities.

· Will there be any extracurricular activities provided?

Our curriculum is unique and provides ample scope of extracurricular activities and field trips.

· What are the extra facilities provided?

Books, stationery and everyday healthy nutritious snacks and a niyaaz once a week will be provided to the children.

· Is field trip part of the curriculum?

Our teaching methodologies are student centered and our aim is to develop students into self learners and thinkers. Hence field trips will play an important role in the success of our curriculum.

· Will there be a bus service facility?

Inshallah, we will provide a bus service facility as per demand.

· Where is the school located?

Khatau Mansion, Oomer Park, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 400026.

· When can a campus visit be made?

You are welcome to visit our campus after regular school hours, subject to seeking prior permission.

· After completing studies at this school, will the student be able to gain admission in any other school?

While seeking admission into any school, a child is expected to give a written entrance test in English and Math. Our student will be equipped with such skill sets that he /she will be able to secure admission on their own merit.